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About Kotlas

Kotlas Panorama. Photo by N. Zlobin

Kotlas BlazonIncorporated in 1917, Kotlas (61 15' N, 46 35' E) is a city of 82,000 people at the southern tip of the Archangel Region, a province in northwestern Russia.  Kotlas lies at the confluence of two, wide, navigable rivers, the Northern Dvina and the Vychegda.  Kotlas has a river port, a shipyard, a rail junction, an airport, a timber-processing combine, a shirt and furniture factory, a brick factory and an electro­mechanical factory. A nearby town has a paper mill complex, the largest in all of the former Soviet Union.  These similarities to Waterville–the northern location, the rivers, the railroad, and the paper and wood products industries–led organizers here to choose Kotlas as the target of their sister city aspirations.

Summer in Kotlas. Photo by E. Stonalov
View of the railroad tracks looking north toward the main Kotlas passenger station at rear center left.  Photo by N. Zlobin.
Ferry landing
Kotlas Airport St.Stephen's Orthodox Church, the old building (right) and the new one (left).