Impressions of Kotlas

Over the years, more than fifty Waterville area residents have made the journey to Kotlas, some of them several times. They have traveled individually, in small groups, and in large delegations of ten or more. When each of the last four large delegations returned, the Kotlas Connection asked the travelers to share their experiences in words and pictures.

Kotlas is not a tourist destination. Indeed, during Soviet times, it was closed to outsiders. It does not have any five-star hotels or restaurants. What Kotlas does have is its people, generous of spirit and warm of heart. Because those who have visited Kotlas have generally stayed with host families and because the city lacks the typical tourist distractions, travelers to our sister city have been able to experience Russian life much more intimately than if they had ventured only to Moscow, St. Petersburg, or some other major city. Taken collectively, their words and pictures show both what is changing and changeless about this part of Russia.

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